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Great game!

This is everything I want in a puzzle game. Awesome music, smooth graphics, cute characters, and interactive. My two complaints are not enough levels and some chapters are just too easy (require zero forethought).

Beautiful and soothing game play

This game is beautiful in design and animation. There is only one possible path, which is interesting. I'm not sure if that's done on purpose or not, but it makes for a stress-free gameplay. I kind of wish there was more of a challenge, but not to the point of being stressful. I love playing these games though. Easy or not.

Weak puzzles

Thought I had finally finished the tutorial, but it turned out that was the entire game.

I thought that Monument Valley 1 was good...

Monument Valley 2 was absolutely dazzling. I loved the story line, and how they combined the past and the present to give more backstory about the game. The visuals were stunning, and it left me wanting to play it over and over again. I can't wait for more levels or a Monument Valley 3!


I’m not sure what more I can do, but sound is on in settings and sound coming from other apps, but no sound from game.

So beautiful

Beautiful game, beautiful music. As others have said it is easier than MV1 but still a pleasure to play! I am hoping for many more Monument Valley games. Thank you for all of your work and creativity.

Beautiful, but not up to expectations

The game is indeed beautiful. However, it does not match the expectations and is way easier than the first one. Also, the story line is pretty vague and looks like was finished abruptly. Overall, even though the game is as beautiful as the first one, it certainly lacks the excitement factor.

I'm still a loyal fan, but.....

I love Monument Valley for it's zen beauty and intriguing puzzle play. So when I saw there was MV2, I bought it right away! MV2 has some good puzzlers, but on the whole it's too easy!! Several times I fell in love with a beautiful tower only to have it disappear after one simple maneuver. I'm still loyal to the whole MV experience, but I think 2 is more suited to young kids.

Amazing game

This game is more an an art gallery of a game really, and seems to be a prequel to Monument Valley #1. I was amazed to get back to this adventure and see more mind-bending illusions while piecing together the story. I definitely recommend this game and I hope you do too. 🙂

This is such a good game but

This is such a good game but unlike the other one it only has 1 game in it the other one had the dream and stuff plus it costs less so the amount that we payed we should get more at least make an update that adds more.

Way shorter and easier than the first.

If you are deciding between getting this or the first Monument Valley, go with the first one.


Beautiful game, but hardly puzzling. Quite disappointed in this sequel. The first one had me stumped multiple times, while this one didn’t at all. Not worth the $5 in my opinion.

Takes too long to get interesting

The original Monument Valley was a revelation. But for the first seven chapters of MV2, I found it boring and tedious. The visuals were still lovely, but there’s no game here, and the daughter “story” isn’t compelling, either. At no point did I feel like I have solved or achieved anything. Until chapter 8. The puzzles in chapter 8 weren’t hard, per se, but I did have to take some time and ask what I was missing before I could complete them. That was a welcome development; finally, the game was again actually a game.

You have officially ruined monument valley!

I was really looking forward to some new and challenging levels in this one. In the original Monument Valley the story line was a nice brief break from the puzzle solving. In this version however the puzzle solving is a brief (and incredibly easy) break from the story line. If you’re looking for more levels of Monument Valley SAVE YOUR MONEY! Do NOT buy this!


I love this game and it was so fun but I paid 5 bucks and finished it within a day or two. I really hope there will be an update or something with more content so that I can get my 5 dollars worth.

Coasting on past success

Beat this game in 45 min. Design is really phoned in on a lot of the levels. Puzzles aren’t challenging. This is a cash grab. Some nice ideas but feels unfinished. Was surprised to see credits rolling so soon. Not worth the price.

Too easy! :)

Wow, I can't believe how easy this game is! My 7 year old son got to the end of the game in one day! Make monument valley III! LOL too easy!😂😄

a game can't get better than this

beautiful interface, challenging puzzles all and all with great background music. its my favorite game of all time, worth the entire price tag!


No audio on iOS 9 iPad mini retina. Please fix.

Blank Screen

2017 iPad Pro 12.9, only shows a black screen when I open the game. Please update.

Five Stars for Nostalgia, One For Novelty

I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this game. All of them will tell you the same thing: the first game was much better. This one is visually striking and artistic but lacks the intellectual difficulty and emotional relevance of the original. I was hugely disappointed.

One of the best iOS games to date!

By far one of the best examples of utilizing the iOS gaming but I only wish that it would support iPhone X screen.

Agree with others...

Wish there was a bit more game, but what’s there is gorgeous, beautiful, and immersive.


excellent!!! just the distraction i needed from the world!!!

Stunning! Best game app!

Escher-esque puzzle world that is beautifully designed and so much fun to figure out!! I've sampled my fair share of time waster app games, this is BY FAR the best!! I wish there were more games like this!!

Lovely yet lackluster

!Spoiler warning! Artwork: 10/10 Beautiful as always, if not better. Storyline: 7/10 A bit confusing, and less relatable. Not sure how the old ghosts fit in exactly, but it can be inferred. Like the letting go of the daughter to grow up complex, but not really well developed and cliche. Difficulty: 4/10 Really simple puzzles. I would understand if the first few chapters were easy, but it didn't feel like it got more difficult as it went on. A few of the chapters in the original were more difficult than the last two in MV2, so don't expect much. I still give a 4/5 stars because I want them to be able to create more/add to the original, but it was pretty boring imho. Maybe future updates could make it more difficult, or a third MV could be more difficult and have a link to this one if people are interested in less of a challenge. Just a thought.

Great on iPhone X - Black screen on iPad Pro 10.4

Won’t run on my iPad Pro 10.4. Reset iPad but that didn’t help. IPhone and iPad both updated to iOS 11.1. Hope the next patch fixes this issue.


Awesome game with stunning visuals

Low low game

My iPad exploded after I updated to the newest version.

Black screen

With the last update I have a black screen. I have installed and reinstalled but still have problem. I play on an IPad pro2.

Keep black then nothing on startup

On my iPad Pro


4th or 5th level in. iPad 10.5. Start app... black screen. Nothing. Please. I love this app. Help!

Stoped working after the last update

I get only a black screen now :( Please fix and help.

As always beautiful, puzzles were too easy

Love these games but the first was much better than the second. I had been waiting forever for this to come out and was disappointed.

good but not close to original

No real challenges in version 2. Brief play time because levels short and easy. First was sooo much better.

Froze up

Since I updated this game now it’s freezing up. Please fix


I love playing this game, I've finished the levels within two days.. I think the levels were much easier and more direct than Monument1. But I hope too that there will be Monument3. Don’t stop making more of it :)

Beautiful, but short and repetitive

I loved the first Monument Valley so I bought this one as soon as it was available. This game is just as beautiful as the first, but not nearly as difficult or fun. Puzzles feel repetitive and the game was incredibly short (like I beat it in a day or so of casual playing). This would be a great game for $.99.


I love it but there’s not enough levels it could use more things like forgotten shores. PLEASE DO IT!

Restarted my phone sound works now!

Never mind, restarted my phone and sound works. Nice work!


I was extremely satisfied with the first Monument Valley because of the number and complexity of levels. This game lacks in both, I finished it relatively quickly and found little joy in the story.

Disappointingly short

This is one of my favorite series. Visually stunning, unique and clever game play, and fun for the brain. However after playing for about 30 minutes in total, I was surprised to reach the end of the game. I assume this is a very challenging game to develop, but some of the levels were easy enough for a child to figure out. MV1 seemed much more challenging. It would be nice if new levels were added with updates as opposed to charging $5 for a whole new game.

It’s Monument Valley!!

I just splurged to buy this because I absolutely adore the first game. I haven’t even really started playing yet and I know this game will be fantastic and is fantastic! Please keep them coming and all the levels!!

Not an American game any more

This game is an Indian game, but I want to get an American one.. So Sad...

Stunning as always

These games never cease to impress me! Beautiful design and layout. Wish they would release more!

Love this game 🙏

I love how this game shows the love between mother and daughter. But the levels went by quickly and I wanted more😩

What an enchanting game

It’s a beautifully crafted game, with stunning visuals and a delightful soundtrack. The puzzles were not as hard as the ones in Monument Valley and the game wasn’t as long. The story arc was very sweet however and definitely made one empathize a mother’s compassion. The level where they go back into the mother’s memory of when she had to leave her mom was designed perfectly by the developers. A unique visual and aural experience never done in any game before



Fun, pretty, but short

Just like the first one, this game is beautiful and entertaining. More of a 3D maze than a puzzle. The play on Escher's impossible stairways is one of the most visually beautiful examples of math I've seen in a long time. I want to create my own art because of this game. The second one though is much shorter, and I don't feel worth the $5 tag; maybe 3 or 4 but I paid already...

What a enjoyable game!!!

Love monument valley! Love monument valley II!! So enjoyable playing it. I love it how it allows you to draw the final token! Amazing.

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