Monument Valley 2 App Reviews

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Ok I just want more and more and more! I played monument valley 1 and monument valley 2 and completed both! So... I want more of this. Thank you all for this. I’m gonna want that. ❤️

Plz buy this app it’s the best!!!😆😁

This app is AMAZING it has THE BEST story lines (1 AND 2) I have EVER seen!!! I like to create movie ideas and so this gave me SO many ideas for MORE!!! It’s an amazing app and I THINK if you can, you should get this app!!! Oh and if you find any movies on YouTube in around... idk probably 2025 - 2026 and I’m exited about it because it might include some scenes similar to this!!! I LOOOOOOVE this game and it was introduced to me by a really good friend of mine. He is this games biggest fan (even bigger than me) and he loves this game as well!!! Bye for now!!! 👋 Love Mango_Wolf101 XOXO 😘 ❤️ 💜 ♥️🧡💛💚💙🖤

Too short

This app was really fun, but it’s too short. I spent $5.00 on this, and I finished it in less then s day. I just wish it could be longer.

Great game

As a Monument Valley fan this sequel truly awed me. From the game design, to the story, to the soundtrack, everything was done beautifully through an through. I seriously love it and I'll be honest here, a Monument Valley 3 would be amazing considering the beauty of the first two. I really think the developers did a great job and this became a game that my brother and I could bond over. In games the best thing for me is the ending. The ending of Monument Valley 2 gave me such a sense of accomplishment and peace and the music really helped set that setting. I hope ustwo games keeps coming out with quality games like these. Keep up the great work!

Waste of money

This game is pretty to look at. And the story is sweet. But, it’s too short. I only played for a couple of days before I reached the end. I feel like it’s not worth the money.

Ended and we’re just getting started

Enjoy the first one skip this second

Rip off!!! Give me back my 5 bucks

It looks pretty but it’s not even challenging 1 start because you’re making me

Best game ever

I was extremely happy to see that a Monument Valley 2 came out. My family is hooked and we compete to solve it the quickest.

Too short and not difficult at all

MV2 is not nearly as fun as the original. I would not spend your money on this one. Puzzles are easy and predictable with too many “story” interruptions. Disappointing.

Beautiful but expensive

This is truly a very beautiful game with very nice graphics. Unlike many games out there, it relaxes you and I feel like being in a Zen mode when playing. Only drawback, just a little too expensive for my taste.

Can’t get it to play

I loved the first Monument Valley. Was excited to purchase 2. But I can not get it to play. It keeps starting over and over. I’ve deleted it and reloaded it several times. I have a brand new iPhone 8. I am so disappointed. Terrible.


When you making a 3rd?

through the looking glass

What would Carrol and Escher do or say if they could see this game?


Easily the best puzzle game on the App Store. Monument Valley 3, please!

The Sequel is Best

The perfect game gets better with a more emotional story and more beautiful puzzles

Definition of Beauty!

This game is the most unique and beautiful game I have ever seen. It's a mixture of illusion and artwork as a game, like our brothers of brothers. Now you may ask, "Why the heck are you talking about brothers?" well sorry I don't have an answer for you. Anyway, despite the fact that this is the most beautiful (and hard!) games I have ever installed. Dig deep into many mirages and seek what you may seek. The game is to seek your child as you go through many levels of insanity, art, illusions, puzzles, and blocks as Ro to teach the child to become a monument. I believe that the friends, sisters, brothers, parents, uncles aunts, cousin, nieces, nephews, or even grand parents and grandchildren will seek this game. This game is meant for many ages and people. I love how this game uses mirages/Illusions as fantasy and fantastic artwork. Now, here's one thing I would love to mention. Please do make a part 3 by 2019? Please ustwo? I love part one of Ida, and part 2 as I have completed both games and the purchase (I forgot what it's called) of part one. And I completed part 2. So I'm excited if part 3 comes out! 😬😛 Thanks ustwo! Okay okay jeeeeeeez I'm done for God's sake man this was long dam u savage if u read this all other people and ustwo ignore the last bit please????? Thanks.... Bye. Helena G.

not enough

I saw the first Monument Valley as the “app of the week” a couple years ago and decided to download it since it looked interesting. I instantly fell in love with it and it was so challenging and different. When this came out I was excited and bought it thinking it would be even better than the last, especially with the addition of Ro’s daughter. I had only played a few levels at a time, but I was SO disappointed in how short and easy this one was. I hope they come out with an expansion that’s a bit more interesting and challenging.

That’s it?

I loved the first Monument Valley and was looking forward to the second one. I purchased it immediately but just got around to playing it. Wow, it’s short. And easy. It took me less than 2 hours to finish. Only a few of the later puzzles required any thought, and even then not much. Many levels I did without even knowing what was going on, they were just too obvious. I like some of the new mechanics like the foam trees and the nesting levels. But it’s just so amazingly short.

Way too easy

Loved the first game. This one was way too easy. Too many levels (or sections of levels) didn't even offer a puzzle or challenge. Disappointed after playing and replaying the first one often. This one doesn't have much replay value.

Beautiful, but easier than the first

I do love this game, but the first version felt way more challenging within the puzzles. I did like the addition of the block trees and the magical doors, but that was it for new types of puzzles. The beauty of the game is unmatched by any other app game I’ve ever played. Bravo, and looking forward to a part 3!

Story wasn’t as captivating

I recently saw this on the App Store and was surprised that they had finally made a sequel. I was also pleasantly surprised that it’s gameplay rivaled the original’s. It definitely improved graphics wise which made the world even more immersive. Unfortunately that could not be said story wise. The first game’s backstory was extremely interesting. I often found myself intrigued in its fallen civilization and ruined monuments. I would have much rather seen a story-centric continuation or even a remake of the first game. Either way I would recommend it to anyone especially if the story wasn’t as big of a factor in the first game as it was for me.

Enjoyable, but freezes on iPhone X

This game is beautiful and fun to play, but I am stuck. On Level 8, the game freezes. A reset of the game sends me back to the beginning of the level, only to freeze at the same place. Due to the cost of the game, not recommended until updated. Slight update - after several attempts (on the iPhone X), finally made it through level 8. However, now frozen on level 12. Several e-mails have been sent to the developers for support, without success. Once updated, I would highly recommend.

Confusing storyline.

THIS GAME IS THE BEAT GAME OF ALL TIME!!!! I thought the first one was good, and then this one came!! As soon as I saw it in the App Store, I bought it! It was so fun! The levels were just the right amount of challenging, not to easy not to hard, but I have a few minor suggestions: the main thing I didn’t like was that the story lines are not clear. I have so many questions about MV1 and MV2. Is Ida the queen or princess of the crows? Why did she go on that whole adventure? Who was that ghost lady and why does she call Ida a “ thieving princess”. What is the ghost lady even talking about? And what does totem pole guy have to do with it? The story line in MV2 was a little clearer, but it had nothing to do with the first one. Is Ro’s child Ida? Is Ro the ghost in MV1? Why does Ro have to leave her child? What were all the little sparks coming out of Ro’s hat? And I was also kind of disappointed when there were no bonus levels in MV2. In MV1 their was Idas dream and forgotten shores but there were none in MV2. But otherwise I loved it! Please consider what I said if you are going to make MV3 (which I hope you do) thank you 4 reading!

5 stars to the sequel!

First I thought that the puzzles were easier than in the first game, but as the levels progressed they became harder)) Love the mother-daughter story. Miss the crows.. I feel like the next Monument Valley 3( I hope they make one) needs a boy character to have a love story maybe))) Waiting for the next game and in the meanwhile playing the first 2 over and over...)))

Beauty in gaming

This game is my happy place. It is engaging while still being soothing and a joy to behold without being overwrought. Everything from the beautiful music that plays the game as you do, to the amazing level design, to the mythic and satisfying storyline. It’s a game that I wish would never end. Highly recommended.

Cant wait for 3

Loved your game and cant wait for monument valley 3


Disappointed, monument Valley 2 was quite a let down. The puzzles were very easy and you knew every move you needed to make. I was super excited to get the second one because the first was; amazing, lots of puzzles, was difficult and challenging. This one not so much. I wish I didn’t spend the money for this!

This game..... absolutely beautiful. There is no other way to describe it. It is just, beautiful. The design was impeccable, the music was fantastic, and the story... the story was the best part. In the previous game, the was an underlying story, which was heavily implied to be the main part of the game. However, the story was a bit hard to see. But this... almost made me cry. Legitimately. I have never, ever come close to crying about a game’s story. I’m also not usually impressed by pretty looking things. The story wasn’t even a major part of the game. But it was so perfectly executed that I’m... cowed. This has to be the best $5 I’ve spent. 20/10.


If you loved the first game. Do not ruin your nostalgia with with purchase. I played through MV1 about 10 times, still my favorite iOS game of all time. But MV2 is, different. The puzzles are not as complex, it’s short, nothing feels rewarding, just a shame.

Too easy!!

Love monument valley but this one was way too easy 1st was much better


If you are someone looking for a beautiful, challenging, and creative game, this is for you!! The only problem I think some people will have with this game is that it only has 14 levels (if you count the first one)and the other game has 10!! Maybe the game’s story isn’t exactly explained, but that’s the fun of it! If you have played the 1st Monument Valley, then maybe you noticed that the ghost in that game has the same crown/hat that Ro and her daughter have. Maybe that could be Ro talking to her daughter since, they never say the daughter’s name! Or maybe it could be Ro’s daughter’s daughter. The purpose of the game is to make you think. I’m telling you, it’ll be worth the money.

Not as good as Monument Valley 1.

I can’t give this 5 stars only because I expected it to be at least as good as Monument Valley 1. I hoped it would be even better. It was still fun, but not nearly as challenging as the first one —and it seems a LOT shorter. I finished this whole game much too quickly for the $$ I paid for it, and that just makes me reallllly sad & disappointed... 😢

If you can’t afford a coffee at Starbucks this game isn’t for you,

Yes the game is short, but it’s not expensive. Seriously. This is a work of art, I spend more on coffee and get less out of it.

Hear me out.....

Ok so I had some pretty high expectations going into MV2, and don’t get me wrong it was a genuinely decent game. However, this game came no where close to even telling the story or having the gameplay of the original MV, and I say that because I feel as though MV2 was severely lacking in the element of gameplay that the first game had. For example, the original MV was much more challenging than MV2, and I feel like the developers had to sacrifice that gameplay element of challenging puzzles in MV2 to either attract more people or have a wider audience for the game, and there’s nothing wrong with that if done correctly. However I feel they didn’t do the best job of that. Anyways if you’re reading this and haven’t played the first MV just play it instead because it is better, but I have to say MV2 is still the successor to MV and you’ll probably want to play it anyway after playing the first one, or at least that why I wanted to.

Don’t waste your money

This game was a total letdown. It was way to easy and very uninteresting to play. Very disappointed. First game was awesome. So sad second one was so bad.

Did I really just spend $5.00 for a one hour game?

First let me start by saying I never leave reviews, but I have to on this. After playing MV 1, these puzzles were too easy to beat, it literally took and hour to complete the whole game. I feel like I was just taken advantage of. There are so many free games that will last days and days of game play. If MV3 comes out I will definitely not purchase.

Incredibly beautiful

Honestly can’t imagine something more worthy of my money. I’ve been covered in goosebumps playing this game for the last twenty minutes; it’s mind blowing in its beauty and clever use of visual illusion. Best game I’ve ever played.

Excellent graphics and an amazing game!

I have no words to describe how awesome this game is. Generally, I prefer not buying any mobile apps, but Monument Valley 1 and 2 have been the only exceptions. It's that amazing and totally worth it. The graphics are mind blowing and the game itself is very addictive that you're left wanting more. Great job, ustwo games team!

Way too short

I enjoyed the original and had fun playing this one but this one is even shorter than the last one. More more more!

Beautiful, but way too easy and short

The game structure is astonishing, and the background is quite beautiful. However the story is too short, you only get to play about 10 levels, then it’s all over. It probably will only take you a little bit over an hour to finish the whole game. Meanwhile, the levels are linear and very easy, it really doesn’t require too much thinking, which seems not to be very good for a puzzle game. I don’t recommend this game to those who seek challenges, it’s not worth the money. I personally believe this game is for kids.

Monument Valley 2

I enjoyed the game in it self, I had already purchased the first one however the second one felt was way! to short to have payed almost $5.00 I feel it should have been more to it then that, the first one had much more to offer 👍🏼👍🏼👎🏼


Totally worth the money, wish there was more levels tho

Visually stunning on iPhone X

I was so excited to see that Monument Valley was back with a second installment. A beautiful visual and audio experience makes this game feel so special and unique. The Escher-type puzzles combined with the overall simple gameplay makes this game a real delight to play.

Most beautiful games in the App Store! 💖

Can’t say enough about the sheer wonderfulness that is Monument Valley 1 and 2. I adore these relaxing gorgeous games. The little kaleidoscope at the end of the chapters is just precious. Your hard work paid off...kudos! 💖

Perfect Sequel!

The enchanted and magical geometric world of Monument Valley is BACK! With new puzzles and a story that, while sparse in details, sparks the imagination to draw you into this perspective bending world in which M.C. Escher would have felt completely at home! While the puzzles herein are not as challenging as in Monument Valley I, they remain so delightful in their design that the game play is driven more by the fun than the challenge! The soundtrack is deliciously peaceful and only adds to the enjoyment of play. I will revisit this game as often as I did the first. I hope the developers have plans for more adventures in Monument Valley!

Paid-for Sample-Size of a Game

I beat this game in 2 days of sparse playing. The game was so short, it felt like I was playing one of those game samples you’d get from PlayStation that only gave you a couple stages. A game with so short of play would not always be a bad thing, but the replay-ability of Monument Valley 2 is non existent to me because there is no variation of the stages. This game should be no more than $0.99 because there are no ads, the game play was smooth and developers need to get paid. I’m glad I caught it on sale because paying full price for such a teaser of a game would have irritated me even further. The stages in this game are statically challenging. The difficulty neither goes up or down. There are more things to interact with, but that in no way makes game “harder.” I’m cool with this being a chill game, but it also feels empty. I don’t understand the purpose which drives these characters. “Train her,” and, “She is progressing well,” are all you get for a story line aside from, “This is my friend; he will show you the way.” Then you complete the stage and do some hexagonal star thing and don’t learn squat else but what you figure out in your own on how to beat the level. Something else that bothered me: What’s up with the hats, either wear it all the time or put it back where you pulled it out from and don’t wear the hat... or is it really a hat since they hardly wear it? Maybe I missed something by not playing the first game, but the hats-that-maybe-aren’t-hats confound me.

Not as challenging as the first one

I love the graphics and story and music, but I gotta say MV2 was not as hard as the first one. I didn’t need to look up how to complete any of the levels. I missed the crows from MV1 too. They made it super challenging. Overall a beautiful puzzle game.

Simply Gorgeous

Couldn’t put it down! I finished it in one sitting and finishing it is like waking up from a dream. Keep these devs in business and making art.

Great but easy

I thought it was a great game with amazing visuals and sounds. One of the best apps out there when it comes to that. However, the levels were quite easy. It would be cool if you added like 3-5 levels after you beat the game that are just really hard challenge levels. Just a thought. But besides it being very easy I enjoyed the game.

This needs a sequel

Ok I heard this was a good game so I tried it out. And only one word describes this. And the word was well BEAUTIFUL. It’s just beautifully designed and made from the art to the puzzles this was really good and very well crafted. I just love this game, the only bad things were bugs but the were rarely any.

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