Monument Valley 2 App Reviews

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Frozen on level 2!

I'm sure there must be more to it than that for $5.


Hard to get too mad at new Monument Valley but there are only really 12 playable levels and most don’t actually qualify as puzzles, just walk through this scene that looks pretty. It’s a work of art, but it isn’t fun.

Doesn't live up to high expectations

This game is very well done visually, but it's just more of the same at a much lower difficulty level. Just about every level is as simple as rotating until a path very obviously can be taken, whereas the first Monument Valley required much more puzzle solving and creative traveling to advance.

Absolutely Phenomenal

The first game is what I LOVED and when the second came out I was excited but had my doubts but this was unbelievable. Just a perfect work of art!

Dreamy game

This game is as aesthetically beautiful as the first. It's a very relaxing game, while still being a challenge, and I love the new challenges this game added from the first!

Live for the new versions

Ever since I encountered Monument Valley and finished the first one, I've been dying for the next version to arrive. This game is so beautifully programmed that I forget it's a game. It's even calming on my daily anxiety! I could do 50 versions of this game. So guys... prepare because I'm in it for the long run. Sincerely, Waiting for MV L. Much love.

Does not work on iPad

Unable to get past the beginning of quest 2. Has great graphics but being able to play the game is an issue.

I can't even take it all in

I can't explain how fascinated I am at the overall design of this game. A true masterpiece. The visuals were so amazing. One moment you're in a dark, gloomy atmosphere, and then you enter the door and appear in a new, bright environment with a different lighting and vibrant colors and it all just looks beautiful. These transitions I find to be so amazing. Games don't have to be consistent with the mood and feeling the player gets while playing, variety like this is what makes the game unique. Another thing is the sound, I'm a huge enthusiast on sound. Beautiful sounds aren't always music, the simple sound effects of the turning of cranks and stairs is also important and this game does an amazing job at showing it. What I did especially impress me is how the turning of cranks and spinning of platforms have a certain depth of sound to them. The faster you move the object, the faster, louder, and more detailed the sound effects and music sound is also breathtaking. But what really impressed me the most is how at the end of the level, you create your own little symbol to place on the platform and in the frame of the level in the level selection to signify completion, and tha game takes your random gibberish twists and swirls, and processes it to create a moving, animated piece of art. How you could program a game to do that is simply remarkable. I overall LOVED this game and I hope this isn't the last game like this you guys make. Keep up the good work, because there are many people that appreciate the work you guys put into these games as much as I do.

Pretty game. Very easy.

The game was just as pretty and cool as the first, but it contained less than 45 minutes of gameplay. The game is incredibly easy. Graphics: 6/10 Fun Factor: 4/10 Sound: 7/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Overall: 4/10

Beautiful game

Beautiful game! Love the first one, have to get the second one. Love the game that I finished it on one sitting. Can't wait for the next one!!


Absolutely beautiful and fun!


I love monument valley and this app makes that game seem more, Monument valley, I guess. It was amazing and I thing I should keep making These games.

Gorgeous, but short

The game and its music were perfect, and the sound effects that went along with some of the game mechanics sounded like they fit with the music. It felt like it was meant to play right then. However, the game was short, and it wasn't as complex as the last one. There is a big BUT though. The last game had a DLC which expanded upon the existing game, and added about 5 or so new levels. So I'm pretty sure they'll be doing the same with this one, which is why I rated it 5 stars. All in all, I still think it was worth every penny, but I'm waiting for it to get added levels like the last one did.

Monumental Win!

Great game! Great graphics! Puzzles were a little easier this time around. But still addicting just like the first one. Completely relaxing too. Win win for me!


I read almost all the reviews. It was then I realized there is a storyline to this game. I didn't notice it in MV1. The graphics are stunning. And for everyone saying this one is easier. I would say it's not. We just know what to look for this time around. Little tricks and knowing what to look for helps a lot. Thanks for a fun game and keep up the good work!

Fine, like hair.

Pretty. Simple. Mellow. Easy. Its more experience than game. So, no puzzles of any real weight here.

Keeps freezing

Ugh, restarting phone does it but who wants to restart to playa game!

Perfect. Again

Just different enough, and in enough ways, to be the perfect followup


I'm not sure if it was just because I played the first one (which I assume most of the people buying this did), but the levels felt easier and shorter. Because of the speed with which I finished the game in, I didn't even get any time to appreciate the story that was being told. Even though the gameplay was really beautiful and the soundtrack was equally amazing, I feel slightly ripped off because I was expecting to get more of a solid story like the one in the first Monument Valley. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Monumentally Addicitve

...Monument Valley & Monument Valley 2 are those very rare games that you don't want to end - the visuals, game play & sound effects are so beautiful - and the soundtrack is deeply mesmerizing & of the very best iOS games to come out since the inception of the App Store...I just hope and pray that Monument Valley 3 is coming soon....Five Stars All The Way!!!!!

Love this game

A quiet calm puzzle game.

Love it!!!!

This game is amazingly stunning and beautiful! I enjoy the game every time I open it.

Underwhelming and overpriced

This game is a shadow of MV 1. The puzzles were too easy, the levels too short and the game seemed exceedingly short. Doesn't even compare to the original, and at $4.99 - is a waste of money. I LOVED MV 1 - one of my all-time favorites on the iPhone. This one, meh.

Beautiful, but too short and too easy.

MV was such an original, gorgeous, engaging game to play, which makes for a difficult task to follow it up with a sequel. MV2 has the beautiful style, the great music, the atmosphere... but it falls short on the inventiveness. We've seen these mechanics before, and this time around the puzzles are much easier. It also felt really, really short. Some other folks commented on the story. I liked it. As a parent, the parent/child dynamic spoke to me. At this length and level of difficulty, I'd have to say wait for a sale.

In love

I loved the first game so much. I couldn't tell you how much I obsessed over it. Now they have a second and I only give it four stars because it isn't as challenging as the first game. Besides that I love the plot and the twists and graphics.


No where near as captivating or challenging as the first game. Finished all levels in maybe an hour. All ridiculously easy puzzles throughout. Seems like it was a rush job...

I gave the first Monument Valley five stars...

...but this sequel gets only two, because it is a huge step back. The original version was fairly easy, but it had rich landscapes and occasional challenges. Monument Valley 2 is so linear, it's infuriating. In 80% of the game, you have little more to do than tap on a door or scale or bridge once, and you're a second click away from solving an entire level/puzzle. There are 15 or so levels, but half of them require no thinking at all, and you spend more time waiting for the world to appear on screen than playing the actual game. Buy Monument Valley 1: it's great.


This game is so much fun and challenging but sadly I completed the whole thing in two days lol I'm ready for more! (:

Way too short

This beautiful game doesn't compare to the original. It's both too simple and too short. While I love the gameplay, storyline and incredible graphics, this game fell well below the super high expectations set by MV1.


I loved this game so much! Is had me getting out the camera Feature to take a photo at every turn and I love how you can design your own monument!

Love it

Hooray again!

Ehhhh not worth 5 dollars

Look, the game was good and all but it certainly not worth $5 or how much it was, maybe like 1.99 would be better. The graphics were amazing and the designs of the levels were fun and sometimes stumped me but, it was extremely short and didn't satisfy me

I love this game

I've been waiting for this to come out since the first one came out its such a beautiful game very interesting and fun unlike any other puzzle game i just wish this one was longer and had harder puzzles i was finished with the whole game in less than 2 hrs and i kept stopping to do stuff i think the first one was harder and lasted longer and this one you have to pay for unlike the first so i think they should of made it better but either way worth it and i truly hope they don't take as long to come up with a new one!

AWESOME recommend it😃😃😃😃

I loved both 2 games they are definitely the best games on the App Store and with extremely creative mechanics this game beats any other apps I have played ever!

Great Game!

The graphic design and background music are stunningly beautiful. The sequel retains all the great stuff of MV1 and adds a melancholic scenario which I personally like very much. Great game!

It's very beautiful but...

The game has some amazing colors going on but the game keeps freezing and won't fix itself. I thought it was my phone but I turned it off and let it rest and it still isn't working. Please fix

Beautiful Game, but

I gave it five stars for the graphics and because it's simply a beautiful game. Unfortunately MV2 does not compare to the first. It was not challenging enough and like other reviewers said that the story wasn't very interesting. I also feel like the girl aged too quickly and like others have said it's missing a lot of details. I felt like I seen the beginning and the end, but the dash is missing to show the in between. Perhaps, in the future we'll see the "in between." Also I finished this game in less than two hours, maybe the future will also have more challenging levels.

All The Feels

This game makes me feel something. The music is lovely the visuals are stunning and all the sounds are a wonderful cacophony of ethereal bliss. I love the story line with the little girl. At the beginning of the game I almost wish the little girl stood closer by her mother. The game make me feel protective of her. This game is well worth the five dollars. Love love love

It's not a game. It's art.

Imagine you're in art gallery. But instead of just looking at the pieces, you're interacting with it. Emotive. Thoughtful. Beautiful.

Pretty, but too easy

Beautiful to the eye, but lacking on challenge. My seven year old even complained he could move through all the levels too easily and too quickly.

This game is the best

This game is the best mysterious puzzle game I have ever played... it has showed Curiosity, bravery, and so much more..

Good, but not challenging

I absolutely loved the first game and the expansion. When I saw this one in the App Store I bought it without hesitation. Unfortunately I completed the entire game in under an hour and half. I felt like the game was taking its time and slowly introducing game mechanics and then it just ended. I really miss the complex and changing puzzles that where in the other games. I feel like this iteration may have been toned down for wider market appeal. I'll personally be weary about purchasing future expansions and versions. This was a fun game, amazing soundtrack, (I didn't really follow the storyline because I was just trying to get past the gameplay introduction and into the complex puzzles, but then it ended) I wish there had been a lot more of the great complex puzzles from the previous games, but I guess you can't please everyone.


Best games I've ever played. So beautiful and relaxing. Hoping for Monument Valley 3.

Very short and easy game

The game is not challenged at all. I spend max 10 min per each level. Sometimes I pass one level in 2-3min. And there are only 14 levels. So I finished the game less than 2 hours... What the hell.... Totally waste of money. Don't try!

I'm hoping for a 3rd version

Really engaging game by far my favorite game I've downloaded ever

Great game...

...but not nearly long enough. I want more!


The first MV is one of my all-time favorite iPhone games (tied with prune and ski safari). I was ecstatic when I noticed a second one had come out. Like others are saying, it definitely has the beautiful aesthetics of the first game, but the levels are WAY too easy and WAY too short. It took me a total of 1.7 hours to complete MV2. For $5... I was hoping for a lot more. However, I actually think the storyline was pretty cute. I definitely understood it and I found it easier to follow than MV's storyline. If you are looking for a way to keep yourself shortly entertained, I guess I would recommend it, but it's nothing special and it certainly isn't worth the price tag.

Beautiful game but not as challenging

I love monument valley so can't wait to try the second edition! The graphics are so beautiful. But the game was much easier than the first edition, not challenging enough.

Just Beautiful

Another beautiful game from the team of ustwo! Please GOD LET THERE BE A THIRD MONUMENT!

Amazing. Short, but worth it.

I love this game, through and through. Short it may be, perhaps it is "not challenging enough", but it doesn't have to be those things to be a great game. Beautiful story, breathtaking visuals, and an incredible soundtrack, it's clean, polished, and heartwarming. Thank you, ustwo games, from the whole of my heart and soul. Keep up the great work.

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