Monument Valley 2 App revisa

Make another!

Please make monument valley three

Too Short

A fun game, but for the price I was expecting more than two hours of playtime.

Work of Art

I normally don’t take time to rate apps, but this is simply amazing. This is not just a game, but a story. Sequels are sometimes horrible, but I would say that this is just as awesome, if not better, than the first. I would definitely download a Monument Valley 3.

It’s so beautiful

It’s a very beautiful game plus great story at the end it almost made my cry play it now even tho it will take 1 hour to finish the story is great I never played any story line like this


I love this game!! But it’s very short... I would think since u have to pay to play it would be longer but here’s not that many levels...

Where’s the rest?

I love this game but I’ve downloaded free games with more content. I feel like this was more of a trial run. I completed the game without realizing it was over.

Monument Valley II

This game is one of the beast mobile games I’ve ever played. If you don’t if you should get it do it you won’t regret anything

No sound on iPhone 6 iOS 11.4

I love this game but I’m very disappointed that sound has disappeared. Have deleted and reloaded the entire app, no luck. I also can’t find any support links. I’m hoping someone sees this without my having to leave a one star rating. Oh. App Store won’t let me do it without a rating, so her goes.

Not up to par with the 1st

Beautiful once again but I don’t feel it was worth the money to purchase. The first Monument Valley was actually time consuming and I really had to think. While the 2nd is as visually stunning as the first and an amazing work of art that tugs at any parents heart strings it sadly only took me a couple of hours to complete all of the levels. I really hope there will be some expansions added to make this worth the cost

Too difficult

If i have to spend an hour figuring out one move and end up looking it on YouTube back and forth, whats the point?

One of my favorite games of all time!

This is amazing! You should buy it! It’s worth your money. The game is a tad bit challenging at times but it’s a beautiful surrounding! Everything fits with everything! I hope they make a Monument Valley 3!


The first monument valley I loved it. It was mysterious, fun, challenging, and different. The art work is spectacular in both games but in this second game the puzzles were really lacking. I played the first one and the puzzles were hard and difficult I had to really use my brain to solve them. I even replayed the first one and still had a hard time solving the levels for the second time. I understand this has a solid story but the puzzles were boring, easy, and simple. I solved it in 30 min or less. The puzzle only looked pretty but they were seriously lacking. I rather have something hard and difficult with crappy artwork than something pretty and easy. Personally I bought this game expecting a challenge like the first one.


I really enjoyed the 1st monument valley. If you played the 1 st one, this one will be easy as there seems to be nothing new. It is also so cheesy: plenty of falling on both knees , hands waving to catch stars, quotes that try too sound profound and struggle to make any sense ... The music doesn’t help, and it takes way too long to go from one level to the next( that’s when most of the cheesy bits take place!). Even the graphics are down: good when they use the old ones ( that is, most of the time), and cheap new ones ( the bunch of flowers that I took for bales of straw!!). One star because the dumb quotes were so bad, they made me laugh!

Great game sort of

I was new to MV2, however, my daughter and I play puzzle games all the time, at first we loved this game. The graphics, the puzzles were alright, till we got to a level that no matter what we did we couldn’t get her to the top. It just wouldn't work. I even stopped playing and went back to it to see if I could see the mistake I was making. Nothing was working to get her to move on. I had others try it and same outcome. So either there is a hidden switch we are all missing or I have no idea, but it spoiled the game. It turned out we needed to due the first game to understand the puzzle. In other wards spend more money, but at least we didn’t loose money. My daughter begged me for the first. Very disappointing.

Please, please

Please continue the series with more sequels. I love this thought provoking mind game.

Do another monument valley app


More about story. Less about gameplay.

While the game looks beautiful, it’s very easy and is more of a guided story than a challenging puzzle. I can see how some may prefer this, but it just was not my cup of tea compared to the first game. There is beauty every step of the way, but it relies on this beauty entirely as the game itself is very hollow.

Part 1 > Part 2

I wish I could get my money back.

Not challenging, not worth $3

If you want a challenging game, look elsewhere. Lots of finish, little brainpower. Kinda like MC Escher—once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all (and it *is* escher-esque). But wait there’s more! This game is the guy at the cocktail party who brings up epistemology because he thinks it’s awe-inspiring, but really you stick around to pants the guy.

Cool but very short game

Cool game with good visuals and music but the puzzles are far to easy and the game is WAY to brief for something priced at 4.99. I finished play in about an hour. Feel cheated.

Thank you

In a time where mobile games are perceived as quick cash grabs, I’m genuinely happy to see a team out there who dedicated this much effort and love into their game. The geometric puzzles are always a joy to solve, never too hard nor too easy, but just with the right amount of challenge. The further I progressed into the game, the more I grew fond of the characters. The game’s art style and visuals are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve tried a plethora of mobile games, but none were this close to beautiful. The best part wasn’t me playing through the game, but seeing my own mother, who haven’t played anything more than one or two mobile games in her life, walk through the game by herself (and occasionally asking for help for a really challenging puzzle!). Not only did the developers manage to make a great game, but they managed to do so while catering to both avid and casual gamers. To the team behind this masterpiece, I want to tell you that me and my mother, and many others I’m sure, can’t wait to visit the world of Monument Valley once again.

More levels

This is the best game i have ever played but add more lvls plz i finished it in 2 hours 😢 My fav game addmore lvls 🙏

Love it!!!

Love it makes me get emotional every time !!!! LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️


Amazing game that's just as good as the first, if not better. The story felt more engaging to me and the puzzles were much more of a visual spectacle. It does feel easier than the first game, but the first game wasn't that hard to begin with. Hope to see more from this developer!

Just amazing



I burned right through these levels and couldn’t put it down mv 3 needs to happen


The first game was outstanding. The second lacked challenge, however. Beautiful, yet simple... and rather short in game play. Bummer.


When is Monument Valley 3 coming out? I'll be the first to buy. I buy very few games, but this series is so much fun.

Too short & too easy

Too short & too easy. It looks as though they reused most of the assets and no effort was put into level design and difficulty. Monument valley 1 was worth every penny, but this one is just out to get some additional revenue for the studio, that’s all. Really disappointed.

Love more than before

I can’t wait for the new update to make this app better than before and it’s the best app ever


This puzzle game is one of my favorites. I beat the first one even got the extension. I also just beat it today. I wish it was longer but I do hope there is another one. Keep up the great work. It’s peaceful and fun. The flower/tree was a fun one. Thank you so much for a great puzzle

So good!

Truly this game is beautiful and makes you think outside the box. A masterpiece! I bought the sequel the second I knew it was released.

Try it

If you've come this far to check out this app, yo're going to love it. The sequel DOES NOT fall short of the original from, my point of view. If you like quiet, non-threatening brain teasers that are respectful to the way people learn, have visuals suited to a small screen, are esthetically satisfying and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment, give it a whirl. Support these people, they deserve your interest and your money. Pay one small purchase price and enjoy. A simply beautiful, simply engaging experience. It takes a long time to make an excellent app, don't grouse about paying people for their time and effort. Everyone needs to eat!


This was an amazing app just like the first two but like a lot of other people say the chapters are very short and easy

Really good but TOO hard

I love this game and was enjoying it until it got harder and harder I still play it and I still love it but.. if you guys make a part 3 make it less hard and something we can enjoy without it messing with our brains!

Beautiful, but Dull ... 💤

I deleted it without finishing it. It just wasn’t interesting or challenging enough, like the first one. I’d finish a level and say, That’s IT?!?”. I finally realized I was keeping it on my phone out of a sense of obligation, and dragging myself to play it, only to get bored again. That said, I did get the feeling that the developer TRIED. But, the magic just wasn’t there anymore. Three stars for the effort and the production quality.

Puzzles are wayyyy too easy.

I was super excited for this game. The graphics are beautiful and the music is great. But it took no time at all to beat the entire thing. During the last level I found myself thinking, “Surely this gets progressively harder, right???” And then the game was over. It’s way too easy. It might be challenging to a Kindergarten or 1st grade student, but even older elementary students would have an easy time with this.

Beautiful but too easy and short

Just like the first one, mv2 was gorgeous. It completely met my expectations in that regard but it was just way too easy and the game was so short. I loved the new stuff (like the growing bushes are just brilliant), but there were just so few of them.

Too easy, too short

Like the first one, this game is gorgeous. The physics, art, music, and story are all well thought out and beautifully executed. But after completing every single level, I found myself saying aloud, “Wait, that’s it??” There was a substantial lack of challenge, and therefore lack of fulfillment, that really dampened my enjoyment of the game. This one had so much potential, particularly with the new puzzle elements, but it just doesn’t live up.

A bit disappointed

I absolutely adored the first installment of MV. It was so captivating. While this second installment is equally beautiful, the gameplay and storyline and seriously lacking. I finished the entire game in less than an hour and don’t really understand the point of the story at all. It seemed like an afterthought. Overall, it felt like a lazy response to an incredible debut.

Was that it?

I LOVED Monument Valley. And so I happily paid for the second. The art and the story were once again beautiful. The botanical garden level was exceptional. But it seemed simpler and shorter. Less challenging. I was finished with it in two days and only playing during breaks at work. I think it cost the same as the last one, but it gelt like I got less out of it. I was actually surprised when it ended. Like a movie that just cut off halfway through. I feel sort of sad now. Last time felt like a journey and a victory. This time feels like something unfinished.


This game blew my mind and kept challenging me with every level. Unfortunately, I got through them all pretty quick. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!! I wish they made this into a movie or Netflix series. This game is so challenging and forces you to constantly have a different perspective. Y’all are awesome. Thank you for creating this game. Totally took me back to the Labyrinth with Bowie and Connelly.

That’s all?

Only a few levels? Beat the game in 1 day. Need more puzzles :(

Great style, Meh "puzzles"

This was beautiful, but only twice in the entire game was it not obvious what to do for me, and once was when I couldn't see a ladder well enough. The first one was full of "what now?" moments, but not this one.

Really cool game!

Loved every bit of it. They improved every aspect of the game from the first and gave it a fresh new feel as well! The first was neat and inventive, and the second is even better.


I am not a big gamer at all. Most games are frustrating at some point and quite difficult. I find Monument Valley to be a rewarding experience on a multitude of levels. Not only is it visually stunning to immerse yourself in but it is also challenging to look at this world from every twisty angle imaginable. To the creators of this game what can I say except BRAVO!! You brilliant creative wizards are blasting through the stratosphere 🚀 Keep on dreaming up those puzzles…also more worlds moooooooorrrrreeeeeee!!!

So short

Took about 1 hour to finish. Beautiful game, but the shortest game I’ve ever purchased.

Monument Valley 2

I love this game, and I hope they continue to make more of them! The only complaint that I have is that it’s SO much shorter than the first one! This game only has ten chapters that took 2 hours to complete. I was disappointed that it was short, but I LOVE the puzzles in this game! Just when you think it’s gonna be one way and you try and manipulate the level to go that way, it’s really this other way that you didn’t even notice!! Keep up the great work on these games!

Too short

I beat this game in an hour.... it was kind of fun but extremely easy and not worth 5 bucks. Not challenging at all. The first one was WAY better!

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