Monument Valley 2 App revisa


This puzzle game is one of my favorites. I beat the first one even got the extension. I also just beat it today. I wish it was longer but I do hope there is another one. Keep up the great work. It’s peaceful and fun. The flower/tree was a fun one. Thank you so much for a great puzzle

So good!

Truly this game is beautiful and makes you think outside the box. A masterpiece! I bought the sequel the second I knew it was released.

Try it

If you've come this far to check out this app, yo're going to love it. The sequel DOES NOT fall short of the original from, my point of view. If you like quiet, non-threatening brain teasers that are respectful to the way people learn, have visuals suited to a small screen, are esthetically satisfying and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment, give it a whirl. Support these people, they deserve your interest and your money. Pay one small purchase price and enjoy. A simply beautiful, simply engaging experience. It takes a long time to make an excellent app, don't grouse about paying people for their time and effort. Everyone needs to eat!


This was an amazing app just like the first two but like a lot of other people say the chapters are very short and easy

Really good but TOO hard

I love this game and was enjoying it until it got harder and harder I still play it and I still love it but.. if you guys make a part 3 make it less hard and something we can enjoy without it messing with our brains!

Beautiful, but Dull ... 💤

I deleted it without finishing it. It just wasn’t interesting or challenging enough, like the first one. I’d finish a level and say, That’s IT?!?”. I finally realized I was keeping it on my phone out of a sense of obligation, and dragging myself to play it, only to get bored again. That said, I did get the feeling that the developer TRIED. But, the magic just wasn’t there anymore. Three stars for the effort and the production quality.

Puzzles are wayyyy too easy.

I was super excited for this game. The graphics are beautiful and the music is great. But it took no time at all to beat the entire thing. During the last level I found myself thinking, “Surely this gets progressively harder, right???” And then the game was over. It’s way too easy. It might be challenging to a Kindergarten or 1st grade student, but even older elementary students would have an easy time with this.

Beautiful but too easy and short

Just like the first one, mv2 was gorgeous. It completely met my expectations in that regard but it was just way too easy and the game was so short. I loved the new stuff (like the growing bushes are just brilliant), but there were just so few of them.

Too easy, too short

Like the first one, this game is gorgeous. The physics, art, music, and story are all well thought out and beautifully executed. But after completing every single level, I found myself saying aloud, “Wait, that’s it??” There was a substantial lack of challenge, and therefore lack of fulfillment, that really dampened my enjoyment of the game. This one had so much potential, particularly with the new puzzle elements, but it just doesn’t live up.

A bit disappointed

I absolutely adored the first installment of MV. It was so captivating. While this second installment is equally beautiful, the gameplay and storyline and seriously lacking. I finished the entire game in less than an hour and don’t really understand the point of the story at all. It seemed like an afterthought. Overall, it felt like a lazy response to an incredible debut.

Was that it?

I LOVED Monument Valley. And so I happily paid for the second. The art and the story were once again beautiful. The botanical garden level was exceptional. But it seemed simpler and shorter. Less challenging. I was finished with it in two days and only playing during breaks at work. I think it cost the same as the last one, but it gelt like I got less out of it. I was actually surprised when it ended. Like a movie that just cut off halfway through. I feel sort of sad now. Last time felt like a journey and a victory. This time feels like something unfinished.


This game blew my mind and kept challenging me with every level. Unfortunately, I got through them all pretty quick. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!! I wish they made this into a movie or Netflix series. This game is so challenging and forces you to constantly have a different perspective. Y’all are awesome. Thank you for creating this game. Totally took me back to the Labyrinth with Bowie and Connelly.

That’s all?

Only a few levels? Beat the game in 1 day. Need more puzzles :(

Great style, Meh "puzzles"

This was beautiful, but only twice in the entire game was it not obvious what to do for me, and once was when I couldn't see a ladder well enough. The first one was full of "what now?" moments, but not this one.

Really cool game!

Loved every bit of it. They improved every aspect of the game from the first and gave it a fresh new feel as well! The first was neat and inventive, and the second is even better.


I am not a big gamer at all. Most games are frustrating at some point and quite difficult. I find Monument Valley to be a rewarding experience on a multitude of levels. Not only is it visually stunning to immerse yourself in but it is also challenging to look at this world from every twisty angle imaginable. To the creators of this game what can I say except BRAVO!! You brilliant creative wizards are blasting through the stratosphere 🚀 Keep on dreaming up those puzzles…also more worlds moooooooorrrrreeeeeee!!!

So short

Took about 1 hour to finish. Beautiful game, but the shortest game I’ve ever purchased.

Monument Valley 2

I love this game, and I hope they continue to make more of them! The only complaint that I have is that it’s SO much shorter than the first one! This game only has ten chapters that took 2 hours to complete. I was disappointed that it was short, but I LOVE the puzzles in this game! Just when you think it’s gonna be one way and you try and manipulate the level to go that way, it’s really this other way that you didn’t even notice!! Keep up the great work on these games!

Too short

I beat this game in an hour.... it was kind of fun but extremely easy and not worth 5 bucks. Not challenging at all. The first one was WAY better!

Love it but I want more

Please we need some extra levels or something. Maybe something a little more challenging too. Maybe some episodes with the same mechanics but different skins. Maybe like a photorealistic level. Or maybe a claymation looking level. A black and white level, a Pixar CG looking level. How about adding some of those lost levels into a side mission. Thanks great game but gimme some more levels. I’ll even pay!

You guys messed up

I really think you could have made so much more money with multiple narratives and characters to buy and different dlc stories. Here we are sat and finished like 5 levels of some dumb story when it was just the missions and gameplay i wanted to experience. Only thing that went into this game was the $5 or whatever to buy it but the way the game plays i would have spent over $50 if it was for cool characters and extra missions. I hope someone on your team wakes up and changes the game cus i just read the most disappointing article of why y'all made the game what it is.

Half as good as the first

The game is equally (or more) beautiful than MVI. I love the music and the visual stimulating quality of it. The developers are truly inventive in their artistry. However, I can’t help to compare MVII to its predecessor. I don’t believe this one was as well thought out. It is definitely not as challenging. Also, it was so short! I played it and beat it in two days in my spare time and it left me wanting more! For $4.99 I figured I would get a longer, more difficult game play! Great job on the visuals and creativity, mediocre job on the amount of levels and difficulty!

Sequel Falls Short of Expectations

As a huge fan of the first game and forgotten shores, this second installment did nothing to raise the standard set by the first. The art and music were on point, but the levels themselves were shorter, simpler, and far less intriguing than those in the first. The difficulty/complexity of the first game made it rewarding to play and also increased the playtime such that retrospectively I’d have happily paid twice the asking price to download the first... on the other hand I’d tell anyone who hasn’t played these to only buy the first and forgotten shores and skip MV2 (or play it first). MV2 also seemed to have a smaller set of puzzle mechanics. Typically in this game you are limited to rotating platforms and sliding platforms. In MV1 you had these, but you also manipulated the entire map relative to camera angle, redirected water flows, channeled bird people to/from switches etc. The only new mechanic in this game was having two characters that you could direct which ultimately functioned as an easier version of the NPC birds or smaller version of the block friend you work with. In short, the first game had puzzles, clever mechanics, presented a challenge and had a compelling storyline. MV2 felt like a reader rabbit game; a children’s interactive storybook with simple references to the original. The first game involved multiple sessions of play, this one I finished in under an hour.


My husband and I were hooked to Monument Valley after our 8 year old discovered it on her Fire and she could pass the levels while I couldn’t. As a math teacher, I loved the challenges of thinking through the visual aspects. We were disappointed on how easy the puzzles seemed in MV2 compared to the first. Even our four year can figure out most of the puzzles without our help. For the price we paid, it wasn’t worth it.

beautiful game

fantastic sound, dreamy illustration caught my mind. and the content eaze my mind. I was absolutely mesmerized by its atmosphere. great game.

Stunning, but way too short

I’m not prone to write reviews, but the two monument valley games are absurdly short. The design is beautiful but you’re out of gameplay in like 45 minutes. A free game like Mekorama gave more gameplay with more complexity. I had just a couple puzzles in monument that I had to really think about to solve, and the rest was just obvious. I would suggest you look elsewhere for a puzzle game.

Overpriced and lacks complexity

For the price, it’s embarrassingly short. For the number of mechanics they squeeze into that short time, it’s incredibly simple. It’s very pretty, and the diy glyphs at the end of levels is very neat, but overall there’s a glaring lack of complexity here.

Great but short

Man I loved the game but it was really short I finished it in like an hour I wish this game was longer but it is definitely worth the money

Awesome Game BUT...

Seriously, I freaking love this game. It’s genius and absolutely stunning. My only warning to those considering the purchase is that it’s super short. Start to finish, I completed the game in a couple hours while watching TV. I’m sure I would have finished it in an hour had I given it my full attention. So, just know that you’re paying for a couple hours of entertainment, tops. IMO it’s mostly worth it, and if you travel it would be perfect for in-flight, but you should know what you’re buying.

Beautiful and Clever, but Short

The music and visuals for this game are beautiful and the puzzles are very clever and fun, but not too difficult. I bought this and MV1 on Saturday and, playing casually throughout the weekend, have completed them both in just two days and I just wish they had lasted a bit longer. There are less than 30 puzzles between the two games (a few more for additional in-app purchases). And it’ll be a while before I can replay them because I have to take some time to forget the solutions. Overall, I really like this game, I just wish there was more of it.

Love it

Storyline was slightly confusing, there are still a few elements I don’t get. Otherwise just start making 3 and 4 now

Like active meditation

During the end of my semester I was stressed and would take breaks by going for a walks and smoking a cigar. I came across this game (if you can call it a game) and it became this relaxing time I would take away from studying. It’s not a strategy, you can’t die and you don’t collect points; In other words, there’s nothing creating a tension forcing you to want to keep playing. Just the opposite, I find I don’t want to spend all my time on the game so I can save a level for another Time. The levels become precious moments of peace that I didn’t want to hastily consume. This doesn’t mean there isn’t smarts involved. You are forced to look at the pathway differently in order to see there are more ways to travel than the most flat and straight road. It’s Penrose stairs come to life. It’s a relaxing joy to find the alternate path and more so when you can see the options like you’re in the matrix. I can feel the tension in my shoulders relax and the knot in my chest loosen when I play this game. You can’t play stressed because it’s not fast paced. Play with the intention to relax and you will become relaxed. It’s immensely enjoyable and therapeutic. I only hope they keep making levels and add ons because this has become a treat that I savor and I’m running out with no more supply after I finish MV2 😬 I'm getting stressed thinking about it... Better go play a level.

It’s okay

I thought the story was too short. The first one was a better length.It isn’t terrible but not as good as the first monument valley.

Too easy

Doesn't compare to MV 1. Puzzles are not challenging. Storyline is unclear and doesn't add to game play. Overall, development feels rushed in order to get game out. Could have been amazing if more time and thought went into it. Meh. At least I only paid 1.99.

Best game, but too short

I was really bummed out that when I got this game It seemed short and even shorter then the first, i thought that since it would be more money it would have more stuff. Love it so much I just want a bit more.

That's it?

I'd been looking forward to this game for a while and I beat it in a day! I don't know if I got smarter or if the creators just didn't try as hard because the levels weren't nearly as challenging as the first. Overall I'm very disappointed.

Beautiful, innovative, and too short!

I absolutely loved the first game, the visuals, the sounds, and the challenges, so I had to get the second game. I was just as impressed as I was with the first, but finished it so quickly I was really disappointed by the number of levels relative to the price the game costs.

The prophecy of the ancients

Whatever seems true is, no matter how illogical. This land shall break your head. You can do what you perceive is possible.

MV 2 is beautiful, but then...

Over too quickly on more than half of the levels. Challenging in patches. I love it anyway, but I like to have to think longer and harder than this version requires.

this game hang so much

it make me nerves so slow and my s7 hang any minute

Make a third one!!!!!!

The title explains it..

Amazing, but...

I absolutely adored the first version of this game. One of my good friends showed it to me and I was immediately hooked! The beautiful graphics, the soundtrack and the touching storyline awed me. Soon I realized that Forgotten Shores was an available in app-purchase and I loved that version as well. When I discovered that there would be a sequel, I was overjoyed! I immediately downloaded it and played the first few chapters. Again, the incredible soundtrack, breath-taking graphics and stunning story all hooked me even from the first couple chapters, but there was one thing that poked me in the back of my mind. The chapters were short, easy to solve and didn’t hold much density in terms of length at all. I finished the beginning few levels in a matter of minutes, sad to realize that I had already plowed through a good part of this amazing app and story so quickly. So overall, I would say, yes you should download this app, but just know that it doesn’t have as much length as the first one. The story is just as meaningful and touching and the physical aspects of it are amazing, just the chapters are short and not as challenging as the first two versions, but I would say that I am happy that I have this app.

Too Short

I beat this game in a day. In my opinion that’s not worth $5. Seems like they spent too much on graphics & music and not enough on levels & puzzles.

Character disappeared

I was doing a level and I did som of it and then after it went through the door it disappeared so I redid the level and it still disappeared

Too short !

I love this game it’s beautiful created the soundtrack for each level creates the scene however I found it to be extremely easy and for the money paid it is too short. I rather pay less or equal amount for a game that’ll actually have more level.

Creative Genius...but..

I’m so tempted to give this game a 5. It’s super creative and beautiful, was truly in awe at times and surprised at the great amount of imagination that went into creating some of these levels. BUT, three things. 1) The game is simply tooo easy. I mindlessly completely some of the levels, and although at times I had to think a bit harder, I was never lost or without a clue (like in most puzzle genre games), which may or may not be a good thing depending on how challenging you want the game to be. I was expecting more in terms of difficulty. 2) One thing that brings me to purchase and play games on my iPhone, as opposed to opening Netflix/hbo or social media or reading, is a good story. I thought their would be more interaction between the parent and child. A more story driven adventure. 3) This is comparatively minor fault, but in trying to draw the gamers attention to the details of these levels’ worlds (I.e. footsteps, the sounds of the environment’s creatures, the sounds of the structure’s moving parts) the game is pretty quiet. Too quiet. I wish music like the one playing on the home screen would play during the actual gameplay. Regardless of these 3 observations, however, this game is beautiful. Hats off to the devs!

iPhone X Home Bar Issue

The game is fantastic! Just as good, if not better than the first. I love the concept and can’t get over the music and art style. One issue though; why did you guys choose to keep the home bar indicator present while playing? This was so annoying! Great game but that home bar is so distracting from the beauty of the game it felt almost ruined in the sense that it couldn’t be entirely enjoyed on my $1200 phone oled display. Get what I’m trying to say here? Anyway keep up the phenomenal job on your games

First one was better

This game was beautiful, but it lacked the difficulty that the first one mastered. This one was slow-moving and WAY too easy. Not worth the $ unfortunately.


I own both monument valley(MV) and monument valley 2(MV2), and to tell you the truth I was very wary to spend my $ on MV2 for fear it’d be exactly the same....or be “too easy” because of how often I played MV. I was SO happy to find that was not the case!!! MV2 is fresh and new, but manages to be those things without straying away from the feel and setting of the 1st game. And for those who’ve never played MV...first off, BUY IT!, and second off it’s magical and definitely worth it! And for those looking to buy MV2...of course buy it!!! It’s a great game, and I LOVE the personalization of your own spiral art at the end of each “level”!!!! Thanks USTWO and the Monument Valley 1 & 2 team(s)!!! Fantastic games!!!

Beautiful and amazing game!

This game is truly stunning and magical. But, I would love I back story on Monument one and two. I don’t really understand the story line. But beside that, I love it!! Please, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee make a third game to the monument valley series. Keep the beautiful game alive!

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